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Flagstaff Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney 

Driving Under the Influence

A Common Charge with Serious Consequences

DUI prosecution is big business in Arizona.  The threat of jail, license suspension and lost wages is overwhelming and the fines and fees can be staggering


In order to obtain a successful conviction for DUI, the State of Arizona must prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring a tenacious criminal defense attorney like Andrew M. Graham can lead to a dismissal of charges, a plea to lower charges or a not guilty verdict.

Minor in Possession and False ID. 

A charge for Minor in Possession of alcohol or use of False Identification to obtain alcohol are misdemeanors and often carry relatively light sentences. However, these charges can haunt a younger person later in life such as when they apply for employment or submit college and grad-school applications.   It is worthwhile to hire or, at least, consult with an attorney in Northern Arizona to be sure that the State has a strong case and you are receiving fair treatment from the County Attorney. 

The College Misdemeanors


Distribtion and Trafficking

in a Controlled Substance

Drug charges in Arizona have steep penalties and long-term consequences.  Throughout his work in Maine and Washington D.C. during the recent heroin epidemic Attorney Andrew M. Graham is familiar with the difficulties of drug addiction and experienced in obtaining advantageous outcomes for his clients.  

The Drug Charges 

Personal Injury

Attorney Graham has litigated cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, negligence and assault.  Be aware that insurance companies are quick to settle for amounts lower than you deserve. Consult an attorney to be sure that you are compensated fully.

You Deserve to be Made Whole

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